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Lions Clubs help local communities in a number of ways.
In towns, villages and cities near you. In hospitals, schools and community centres.
In places battered by natural disasters and where people need us, Lions can be found helping, leading, planning and supporting.
Because we are local, we serve the unique needs of the communities in which we live.
As we are global, we can address community challenges wherever they occur.
Every Lions Club supports a range of projects in its local community within four broad categories: health, sight, youth initiatives and international programmes.
We are involved in raising funds for good causes, organising local events, providing direct support for individuals or groups in the community, helping our partners and responding pro-actively wherever and whenever we can.
All members of Lion Clubs International are committed to serving local communities and share a set of common values.
As volunteers, we are enthusiastic about making a difference and achieving extraordinary things.
As people, we are ordinary men and women, who enjoy ourselves and gain satisfaction from playing a key role at the heart of the community.
To locate your nearest Lions Club and find out about its involvement in your local community, please complete our contact form or get in touch with our headquarters office:



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Our office hours are 9.00-5.00, Monday to Friday